Painting Roses 1. Watercolour DVD

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Painting Roses 1. with Ev Hales

This three hour watercolour lesson by Ev Hales brings you into her studio to watch her working process as she paints roses in amongst their foliage.

The video is divided into three sections with a total of 17 chapters.

Section 1. Preparation: This segment has 7 chapters that includes all the planning that goes into such projects this allows you to paint freely. It shows how to develop an aim for a painting, how to explore the character of the rose flower, how to choose colours, paper and brushes to use as well as forming a plan for the painting process.

Section 2. The Painting Process: (Chapters 8 -11) Watch the flowers and foliage emerge. Several chapters are involved to show how the flowers are composed and how to use the foliage to advantage.

Section 3. Finishing touches, composition and summing up: (Chapters 12 -17) These issues are the focus of the last chapters of the video where all those little tweaks make such a difference.

Ev Hales understands the subject and is a master with the watercolour medium as well as being a rare teacher who can articulate what she does as well as why and how she does it. Watch the entire painting from start to finish and hear Ev’s thoughts and strategies as she resolves issues as they arise.

This 3 hour lesson is full of hints and key techniques that you can watch, pause and replay as often as you need. This is truly a comprehensive exploration of an exciting, evolving process for painting roses.

After looking and learning you will be itching to put paint on paper long before the lesson is finished.

The DVD is formatted for the different areas around the world - so yes you can have one wherever you live.