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Ev Hales - Individual Painting Critique Service

Finding an artistic mentor who challenges you and provides critical analysis of your work is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Finding a respected, talented artist willing to offer individual critiques is even more difficult.

After many requests to step into this arena, Ev Hales has decided to trial a one-on-one critique service to artists.

How the service works?

1. Submit one painting for evaluation – this is designed for people where a painting poses something you cannot resolve yourself – and this may be a rare occurrence and advice is wanted for just one painting.

On purchase you will receive a submission form with the information required which you will fill in and submit with an image of your painting ( size less than 1 MG.)

What you will receive:

Replies will be within 72 hours (most times sooner).

1. My response to how your image communicates BEFORE I look at any of the information you have provided, i.e. - a completely objective view.

2. I will then read your feedback and relook at the work, evaluating how I think you can resolve issues you have raised to facilitate a resolution you are looking for. I will also include issues I can see in the work.On occasions I may provide several resolutions and you can choose which best suits your aims.

As with any critique, remember YOU are the artist and the final resolution is in your hands to complete ANY painting you create. If the suggestions do not ‘feel right’ then your instinct should always have the final say.