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Look at the city with new eyes and discover an exciting resource for creating dynamic designs. Explore ways to deal with hard edges and geometry that do not involve a compass and ruler.

The ebook is presented in three sections.

Section 1. The keys of design, geometry and pattern unlock the subject matter.

Section 2. Explores the pavements we walk on, the exteriors that surround us and the interiors that envelop us as material for imagery.

Section 3. I intend to inspire you with my personal journey of discovery and the development of an artist’s eye. It shows how a series of work evolves. This is both insightful and liberating for those who have no idea where to start with this subject matter.

Paint life as you see it today and reward your viewer with images that show them your urban world. This ebook opens your eyes and gives clues to help you harness your ideas and get them on to your paper or canvas. The discussion is relevant to all media because of the subject information. The specific examples in watercolor make it a must for artists working in this medium.

As always Ev Hales is practical and clear with her analysis and communication. The images, in excess of 150, will intrigue and help you see the world around you a little differently.I will be surprised if you are not itching to pick up your brush after exploring this Volume 9 in this exciting series “Painting with Ev Hales”.