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This ebook “Figures Add Focus" will inspire you to wet the brushes and add figures to your next painting. The journey starts with life drawing and then dispels the fear of adding figures to your paintings. Discover how to use figures for scale, focus or as a narrative element when you paint. Develop brush skills and techniques to build your personal style. These will instil confidence to experiment with figures.

From portraits to figures in the landscape, at work, in daily life, plus people as the vehicle for social comment, are all included in this volume. A bumper issue with over 200 images, this ebook will inspire as it opens a new world of painting possibilities. Watercolour, drawing, on-glaze, oil, acrylic, pen and wash as well as monoprints are among the media seen in this smorgasbord of intriguing imagery.

This is Volume 7 of the “Painting with Ev Hales" Series.