Painting Roses 1. watercolour demonstration DVD or download

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I have been working on this project for over 12 months and am pleased to finally have it ready for you to enjoy. It is available as a DVD or you can access the direct download for your ipad or tablet.

What started simply has evolved into a project I am very proud of and one that I believe will be immensely helpful to anyone wanting to paint roses in watercolour.

This is the first in the Painting Roses with Ev Hales Series that will comprise 3 watercolour demonstrations that record the total painting process for 3 different kinds of rose paintings.

Painting Roses 1. Looks at the rose and its foliage and how the two cna work tofether in an almost garden setting. The foliage actually paints the flowers and the colour green is approached in a way that ensures interesting colours. There is minimal painting on the flowers themselves which adds to the fragilty of the petals.

Painting Roses 2. Looks at deep red roses and how to achieve lively reds in watercolour. The background for this session involves fabric and glass as in a still life setting. This video is still in production. A truly dynamic painting to watch and approached in an entirely different way to the first video.

Painting Roses 3. Involves a mixed bunch of flowers, including roses and chrysanthemums as well as a dramatuiic backgtound colourful setting. Again how to create different kinds of flowers simply and how to use a dynamic background. This video is also in production mode.

These three visdeo demonstrations will give you a variety of approaches when painting flowers, especially roses.

You can access the first one now and get an idea of what is in store for you when the three videos are completed and you can have the entire collection.

If you love it tell your friends and share the magic - if you have suggestions to make it better , tell me

2016 begins

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2016 will see the addition of more video demonstrations for sale. Flowers - Roses are in the pipeline and others will emerge in the coming months. Painting tours are fully booked for 2016.

Ebook refinements are in the pipeline and so the year will unfold. If you wnat to be kept up to date with happenings subscribe to my enewsletter