Ev Hales Artist

Ev Hales has been painting for decades, honing her skills and developing techniques to allow her to use her painting medium to best advantage.

  1. Watch her at work in the video demonstrations clips and learn heaps from full length video workshops.
  2. Explore her techniques and strategies in the comprehensive "Painting with Ev Hales" series of 10 ebooks.
  3. Travel with her on a painting tour click to find out more here.
  4. Submit your work for critique and assessment by using the Ev Hales - Individual Painting Critique Service.

Read Ev Hales strategiesvia Ebooks

These volumes document a lifetime of knowledge across a variety of subjects and media. Emphasis is on the watercolour medium.

Watch Ev Hales at work

Ev demonstrates her style and techniques in full length videos as well as You tube clips and snapshots. Down load these video demonstrations.

Work with Ev Hales

Participating in a workshop or painting tour allows you first hand interaction. In Australia or overseas capture your view of the world around you. Places available for Italy and Turkey in 2017.